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Dragon Jam
The age of dragons is upon us, it is my pleasure to commence Dragon Jam under way!
Your theme is… Space & Sea

If you still need a team, check out:
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Remember that the most important thing about jams is to have fun! Don’t be afraid to mess up, and certainly don’t be afraid to ask for help, if you need help or feedback, check out our channel list to the << left <<. We’ve got a bunch of fantastic people around that can help you fix your bugs and tighten those mechanics!

If you’re socially active, we will be scanning under the #DragonJam, #GameDevNetwork and #Eluvious hashtags, feel free to tweet out your progress, food or stream info

small note, due to the increase in participants, I’ll be bumping up the random sticker prizes to 5, from 3

Trello Gold
Trello have been fantastic in offering all GDN and Eluvious members 3 months of Trello Gold,  if you’re reading this message then BAM you just won! Head over here to claim your free subscription: