Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have been making strides recently to bring Pokemon to the switch, and after E3, They’ve announced that a mainstream Pokemon Game is in the works for the Nintendo Switch. This comes after intense speculation on where Pokemon’s future lies, and some fans were convinced that after the reveal of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, that they’d have to wait before Pokemon truly makes the “switch,” but after this announcement, fans are ecstatic to be able to play one of their favorite franchises on a more powerful machine. Pokemon fans are also delighted to hear that not only will Pokemon Sun and Moon’s story be different, but new forms have been shown for Lycanroc, who’s expected to have two new forms with the new game’s release. Lycanroc, a Pokemon first released in Pokemon Sun and Moon, already has two forms, Midday form which is obtainable only in Pokemon Sun, and Midnight form, obtainable only in Pokemon Moon. Lycanroc’s newest form, Lycanroc Dusk, has been shown to resemble Lycanroc Midday form, so in the future we may get a form that resembles Midnight form.

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